Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe: 8 Amazing Serving Ideas

Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe is one of the most popular and delicious drinks in the Dominican Republic. It’s so delicious that you’ll be happy to know that this hot chocolate recipe is straightforward.

Many people looking for a recipe that is not too difficult to make will love this one. Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe is made of delicious ingredients, such as vanilla and chocolate. The best part about this hot chocolate recipe is that it is not very expensive in addition to being delicious.

What is the Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe?

Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe is similar to the traditional hot chocolate recipe, except that cocoa powder replaces cocoa beans in this case. This recipe also lacks coffee, but since the hot chocolate recipe is rich in chocolate, it will be perfect for you. If you are going to drink hot chocolate every day, you should try to consume it only once a week or on special occasions.

Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe

How To Prepare Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe

  • Prepare Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cooking Time: 5 Minutes
  • Total Time: 10 Minutes
  • Servings: 4


  • Two tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 cups milk
  • One tablespoon and one teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • Two tablespoons of chocolate powder

 Method of Preparation:


Pour 2 cups of milk into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.


Remove chocolate powder and add cocoa powder. Stir to mix thoroughly. Remove pan from heat, stir in 1 tablespoon and one teaspoon of sugar and vanilla extract and pour into four mugs to enjoy hot chocolate.


To make this hot chocolate recipe a little healthier, you can use non-fat milk.


Dissolve the chocolate in milk and stir until it’s all melted. Pour the chocolate milk into four mugs.


Many people prefer to add whipped cream for a dessert-style treat. You can also add marshmallows to make them more delicious.


Sprinkle chocolate powder on top and serve hot for full enjoyment, Enjoy.

Nutrition Facts of Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe

Calories 181
Fat 3 grams
Carbohydrate 10 grams
Sugar  6 grams
Protein  8 grams
dominican hot chocolate recipe

8 Amazing Serving Ideas for Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe

1. Serve the hot chocolate recipe in a big cup at your next party.

2. You can make hot chocolate with milk or caramel milk, coffee, or butterscotch milk to make it unique.

3. Use almond milk instead of regular milk for a delicious tropical twist on the traditional hot chocolate recipe.

4. Serve this Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe to your children before bedtime so they can warm up and have a good night’s sleep.

5. You can replace the chocolate powder with unsweetened cocoa powder for a healthier hot chocolate recipe.

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6. You can also try out different types of toppings for this one, such as whipped cream or marshmallows.

7. You can add coconut to make this recipe more healthy and tasty and avoid the high saturated fat in regular cocoa powder.

8. Use different kinds of hot chocolates to make the hot chocolate recipe more outstanding.

How to Store Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe?

If you plan to store this hot chocolate recipe, ensure the mugs and saucepan are relaxed. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt out. To prevent this from happening, place it in the fridge.

Are there any Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipes?

This recipe is not the only popular hot chocolate recipe in the Dominican Republic, but it is one of the most delicious ones to try out.

What is Spanish hot chocolate made of?

It is known as hot chocolate or Dominican hot chocolate for obvious reasons. It is a drink traditionally made in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Why is my Abuelita hot chocolate grainy?

If your Abuelita hot chocolate is a little grainy, it most likely contains more cocoa powder than the recipe calls for. You can quickly fix this by increasing the amount of chocolate powder in the recipe. Or, you can increase how much cocoa powder you use in total.

What is Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe supposed to taste like?

The hot chocolate recipe is made partly by using cocoa beans instead of powder and uses both sugar and roasted and ground coffee beans.

Which country drinks the hottest chocolate?

Hot chocolate is famous in the United States and the Dominican Republic but is not as popular in other countries. It is primarily consumed in North America and Europe but has also spread to Asia over time.

Can you freeze Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe?

You can not freeze hot chocolate because it will lose its flavor. You can use it in other recipes, such as French toast, by dicing it up and adding it to the batter. This way, your hot chocolate dish will still taste great, even if you want to avoid spoilage.

Why is there slimy stuff in my hot chocolate?

It can be a few things. One of the things is that your hot chocolate recipe is too thin. This is easily fixed by using less milk in your recipe. Another possibility is that you used low-fat milk, and it’s beginning to curdle, causing it to have a slimy texture in the hot chocolate.

What kind of milk do I use to make hot chocolate?

You can use different kinds of milk for this hot chocolate recipe, such as whole milk, skim, etc. However, we recommend using whole milk.

Is it like coffee or hot chocolate?

The hot chocolate recipe is not that similar to coffee. This is a hot drink that is much hotter than coffee.


This hot chocolate recipe can be equally delicious with low-fat milk, no added sugar, or regular milk and all the sugar you like. This increases its taste significantly, by giving it a creamy texture. Ensure you serve the hot chocolate recipe in a mug, not on a spoon.

If you prefer your hot chocolate on the sweeter side, then to make it sweeter, use more sugar in the recipe. Dominican Hot Chocolate Recipe is one of the most popular hot chocolate recipes in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.