Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe: 7 healthy benefits

Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe is a delicious winter drink that can be prepared in minutes – perfect for those cold nights. They are made with cocoa mix, vanilla powder, and milk. You need to get a cup of milk heated up (in the microwave or on the stove) and add some cocoa mix and vanilla powder. The result is a delicious hot chocolate treat that will warm you up and make you feel great.

Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe

The best part is that these shots are effortless, and all you need for this recipe is a few minutes. All ingredients are available at any supermarket, so if you get cold one winter night and want to cheer yourself up with something really delicious and hot, then go ahead and try this recipe.

What is Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe?

Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe is a hot chocolate mix that can be prepared instantly without adding extra ingredients such as powder or sugar. All you need to get this mixture ready is a cocoa mix, milk, and vanilla powder; then heat the milk in a microwave or on the stove, add some cocoa mix and finally add some vanilla powder.

This is one of those recipes usually made when you crave something hot but don’t have time to prepare anything else, as it takes only about 5 minutes to prepare this drink.

How to make Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe?

  • preparing time: 30 minutes
  • cooking time:  30 minutes
  • total time: 1 hour
  • serving: 5


  • 1 cup of cocoa mix
  • 1 cup of milk
  • vanilla powder to garnish


Steps 1:

First, you will need to measure 1 cup of cocoa mix and place it inside the cup with milk.

Steps 2:

Heat the milk in a microwave (6 minutes on high heat, then let cool for 2 minutes), or boil it on a stove (Place milk in a small pot and slowly heat it on medium heat, then let cool for 2 minutes).

Steps 3:

Now add the hot milk mixture and vanilla powder to the cocoa mixture. Stir it well until you get a consistent variety.

Steps 4:

Divide the cocoa mixture into five small cups and sprinkle some vanilla powder over the drinks. This should help with the aroma and also look very nice. At this point, your delicious Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe is ready to serve. Enjoy this hot chocolate drink alone or as a compliment to other hot chocolate recipes such as the Hot chocolate cake recipe.


  1. This recipe yields five Hot Chocolate Shots recipes.
  2. You might want to add sugar or other ingredients to add more flavor to the mixture.
  3. All ingredients can be used in large quantities, but make sure you adjust the recipe according to your needs. For example, if you need more servings, make more of this drink but keep the same quantities of every ingredient.
  4. The measurements given in this article are meant for only five servings. To get more servings, increase all the ingredients presented above accordingly.
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Nutrition facts Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe:

Calories 240
Carbohydrates 28g
Fat 4g
Fiber 1g
Protein 11g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium 62mg

7 health benefits Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe:

1. rich in fiber:

Cocoa powder is rich in fiber and can keep you full for quite a long time. This way, this drink can help you shed some weight as well.

2. full of antioxidants:

The antioxidant content in chocolate is believed to have a positive effect on your health, and this drink contains a cocoa powder which means that it has the same benefits as whole cocoa beans.

3. low in sodium:

Cocoa powder has very little sodium, which is why it is a great choice if you watch your salt intake.

4. an excellent source of calcium:

Milk is an essential part of this drink; it contains calcium, which is a must for the development and strength of bones.

5. suitable for the heart:

The best thing about chocolate is its ability to improve blood flow, which is why it helps protect you against heart-related problems like stroke and heart attack.

6. suitable for lungs:

Chocolate is great for your respiratory system. It contains antioxidants that help in improving lung functions.

7. boost of energy:

This drink helps boost your body’s energy levels, which is why you will feel more energetic after having it.

How do you pimp up hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate is a drink that tastes good, but it lacks some features that other drinks have. The prominent challenge people face when making this drink is that they don’t know how to make it look good. You can do some simple things to make this drink stylish and appealing. You can use different decorations on top of the glass depending on your taste and preferences. Some decorations include whipped cream, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, or chocolate shavings.

What is a milk chocolate shot?

The milk chocolate shot is a shot of milk chocolate, which is an addition to the hot chocolate. You mix half a picture of milk chocolate with your hot chocolate. The taste of this drink is slightly different than regular hot chocolate as it has an extra flavor and the alcoholic content of this drink is very low.

What are rainbow shots made of?

Rainbow shots are simple, colorful, and tasty. This is a very easy-to-make version of regular hot chocolate that uses vanilla syrup and Chambord to give it a spectacular color. The flavor is slightly different from the usual hot chocolate but still delicious.

What are Kahlua hot chocolate shots made of?

Kahlua hot chocolate shots are much like Kahlua coffee, except that it has some extra ingredients to give it a taste similar to cocoa instead of coffee.


You must be careful about these points when you want to make some hot chocolate shots recipe. This drink is an excellent way of warming up, but eating it in small portions is better than having it all the time.