Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: 8 healthy benefits

Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is a well-loved cookie recipe made in Canada and the United States. When Mennonite women come together, they often bake these tasty treats to share with their children.

The recipe may be handed down through generations of family members, or it may be a trendy new creation. However, one thing is certain, whether you enjoy them as a treat or as part of a family recipe, Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookies are sure to go fast.

What is the Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

The chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a traditional Mennonite recipe that has evolved over the years. However, it involves only two basic ingredients – flour and sugar.

Some people add vanilla or chocolate frosting to their cookies for decoration, but that is not traditional. Nonetheless, these cookies are so delicious that you will want to make several dozen per batch. For example, one collection of 10 dozen cookies can be sold at the local community fair for $1 each.

How to make Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

  • Preparing time: 2 hours,
  • cooking time: 15 minutes,
  • total time:2 hour 15 minutes
  • serving: 24-36


  • 4 cups plain flour (all-purpose)
  • Eight tablespoons of baking powder
  • 1 cup of cooking oil (not butter)
  • 1.5 pounds of sugar
  • Natural food coloring or favorite sprinkles or colored sugar crystals – optional
  • 2- 3 cups of chocolate chips.


Steps 1:

Grease cookie sheets.

Step 2:

Sift together the flour and baking powder.

Step 3:

Beat the oil in a mixing bowl until it is light, fluffy, and ribbony (this makes 7)

Step 4:

Add the chocolate chips, one cup at a time. Beat well after each addition. (mixing helps to incorporate — so don’t quit)  Once all chocolate chips have been included, beat until light and fluffy. Add the next cup.  Keep beating until the cookie dough is smooth and is a light and soft consistency. (add 2 1/2 – 3 cups of chocolate chips)

Step 5:

Sift in the sugar and blend thoroughly.

Step 6:

Color the dough with natural food coloring or sprinkles if you like (optional)

Step 7:

Drop onto lined cookie sheets. Mixing helps to distribute color evenly throughout each batch of cookies.

Step 8:

Bake at 350°F for 10-12 minutes.

Step 9:



  1. For a cookie with a crunchy candy-like texture, try to fold in 1 cup of chopped nuts or coconut. To make this easier, place the nuts in a plastic bag after they are chopped and let them rub together in the bag until they are coated with oil. Then fold half the mixture into the dough.
  2. These cookies will stay fresh for several weeks at room temperature if you pack them well and re-use each plate twice so that each cookie gets an even coating of oil and sugar.

Nutrition facts of Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:

Calories 280;
Sodium83mg ;
Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

8 health benefits of Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:

1. high in fiber:

Help you feel full for a longer period, reducing your risk of overeating and helping you lose weight.

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2. high in antioxidants:

Boost your immune system and help protect against diabetes and heart disease.

3. favorite family food:

Easy to transport on a road trip or picnic so everybody can enjoy the taste.

4. healthy food choices:

 Mennonite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is a tasty, easy-to-make cookie treat.

5. low in cholesterol:

It contributes zero cholesterol to your diet so that you can eat freely.

6. low in sodium:

Good for people on a low-sodium diet or with high blood pressure or other health-related issues that require them to lower their sodium intake.

7. low in saturated fat:

It contains very little, if any, bad cholesterol.

8. high in manganese:

High manganese is essential for the growth and repair of bones, cartilage, and blood vessels.

What makes a cookie moist and chewy?

All Mennonite recipes have the same basic ingredients. They may be sweet or savory, but they will always have flour, sugar, and eggs.

Cookies are made from a rich dough often flavored with vanilla extract, cinnamon, and other spices. The variety of cookie types is practically endless. Some people like their cookies soft and chewy; others prefer crispy cookies that are more like crackers. What determines the texture is how much flour to use in the recipe.

How do you keep cookies soft and chewy?

A dry cookie is hard, crisp, and brittle. Too much flour can be the culprit. If you want soft, chewy cookies, use less flour in the recipe and stir in a bit of milk or melted butter to make each cookie smooth.

What kind of butter is best for cookies?

If you make cookies that need to be rolled out and shaped, you will want to use butter. It is a little softer than shortening and holds its shape better. If you make a drop cookie recipe, either shortening or butter will work. Some people like the flavor of recipes made with butter better, but both work well.

Whipping the butter makes it fluffier and lighter in texture, making it easier to spread in your cookie dough.

What does cream of tartar do to cookies?

Cream of tartar is sediment found in wine and can be used to make cookies extra tasty. It’s a food additive, so you’ll have to read the label and look for the use of cream of tartar if it is in your cookbook. If you want to try it out on your own, here’s what it does:

Should you use baking powder or soda for cookies?

Baking powder is lighter than baking soda in weight, so it will make a soft, tender cookie dough that doesn’t spread much while baking. Baking powder also gives the gems a slightly golden crust.

You can use baking powders or soda in the same cookie recipe or switch between them to see which you prefer. Most of us use both. Sometimes there are days when we want tender cookies with crisp edges and other times when we want crunchy bites.

Is it better to melt butter for chocolate chip cookies?

Melted butter is a better choice for chocolate chip cookies. It dissolves more easily, giving the cookies a richer and more intense chocolate flavor. If you want to stay with shortening, you can melt it instead to see if that works best for your cookie recipe.

Is it better to freeze cookies?

Baked items taste better when they are served within 24 hours. Cookies baked and then frozen have a stale taste so freezing can keep them fresher longer.


Mennonite Cookies are a very good cookie recipe, and I want to thank the Mennonite Community for sharing this recipe with us!

Please note that Mennonite chocolate chip cookies are not gluten-free because of the flour.