Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe:7 healthy benefits

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe is a tasty alternative to traditional hot chocolate recipes because it only makes one serving. This means you must drink it all, especially if you’re drinking this recipe on Christmas. If you are one of those still insisting on having traditional hot chocolate, then I don’t have anything for you. You’ll be lucky if Santa leaves the milk alone on your porch come Christmas morning.

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe
Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe

What is Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe?

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe is a single serving of hot chocolate. This recipe requires three ingredients: water, unsweetened cocoa powder, and sugar. You can make this super easy recipe in a mug or a tall glass with a standard hand mixer that doubles as beauty equipment when you’re not whipping up something sweet and delicious.

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe is quick to make! The preparation time is less than 5 minutes, or if you are making it in the microwave, it’s just over 1 minute of waiting time.

How do you make Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe?

  • Preparing time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 8 minutes
  • Total time: 13 minutes
  • Serving: 3



Steps 1:

Pour the water into a coffee mug, then add the gourmet cocoa powder.

Step 2:

Stir in the sugar and place in the microwave for 1 minute.

Step 3:

Do not shake or stir; just let it sit for 1 minute.

Step 4:



  1. If you wish to use a hand mixer instead of the microwave, you will want to mix it for 1 minute on high speed. If this is your first time making this Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe, I recommend trying it in the microwave because it is much easier and less messy.
  2. I used a mug with a handle for this recipe, but if you are making more than one serving at once, then I would recommend using a large glass instead.

Nutrition facts of Single-Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Calories 142
Fat 0.3 g
Carbohydrates 27.7 g
Protein 0.9 g

7 health benefits of a Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1. Low in fat:

The single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe is a low-fat recipe.

2. High in minerals and vitamins:

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe contains many minerals including, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Magnesium, which help maintain the normal functioning of your body.

3. Calorie controlled:

You’ll feel full after drinking a single serving of Single Serve Hot Chocolate Recipe because it contains only 142 calories.

4. Good for your heart:

Drinking lots of water is good for your heart because it helps your muscles get enough oxygen and nutrients.

5. Fights cancer:

Drinking hot chocolate is a fun way to fight cancer because it helps remove mucous production in the lungs.

6. Can help with weight loss:

Studies have shown that drinking hot chocolate can help boost metabolism and burn more calories. This means that you will lose some weight quicker than usual!

7. Good for the brain:

Hot chocolate can help your brain because it contains a chemical called Phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring stimulant.

How do you make a simple hot chocolate?

You may think hot chocolate is just chocolate and water, but in this recipe, you only need water and unsweetened cocoa powder. If you don’t have unsweetened cocoa, get your favorite hot chocolate mix instead. Pour the water and cocoa powder into a cup, then dust some sugar. Using a hand mixer, mix it for about 1 minute until it becomes creamy and foamy.

How do you make hot chocolate with milk in the microwave?

If you’re on a quick hot chocolate recipe fix and don’t have time to make a double boiler, you can turn to the microwave for an easy fix. Turn your microwave on for only 1 minute, and voila! A perfect glass of hot chocolate!

Is it better to make hot chocolate with milk or water?

If you are on a diet, use water instead of milk in your hot chocolate mix. Water is helpful in weight loss because it helps your body burn fat more quickly.

Can you make hot chocolate with sweeteners?

It’s best to stick to sugar in hot chocolate recipes because sugar can help you lose weight faster than artificial sweeteners. You can use either honey or maple syrup in a pinch for a different taste.

What kind of milk is best for hot chocolate?

If you are just starting out with a diet, you should use skim milk to lose extra fat faster. If your goal is to lose some weight, then you should choose whole-fat dairy since it is more filling and will help you feel less hungry.

What kind of cocoa powder works best in hot chocolate?

Any dark cocoa powder will work in this recipe. If you want to get fancy, then use gourmet cocoa powder.

Do you put milk first or hot chocolate?

If you put the hot chocolate in first, then the milk will get all foamy, which is gross. If you put the milk in first, then it will mix more evenly with the hot chocolate.

Can you overcook hot chocolate?

I always use a glass measuring cup to make hot chocolate. This is because my microwave tends to be pretty inconsistent. I always watch the microwave, and if it exceeds the recommended amount of hot chocolate, I would add more water or cocoa powder.

How many calories does this single serving of hot chocolate have?

This single-serving recipe is so good that it’s hard to believe it only has 142 calories.

Do you put boiling water in hot chocolate?

If you are serious about drinking hot chocolate, then don’t use water that has been boiled. The water should be hot, but it shouldn’t burn. Make your hot chocolate or buy a gourmet hot chocolate mix from a store and get the real deal.


I hope you have enjoyed this hot chocolate recipe. I recommend that you make this hot chocolate when you are at home because it is so easy to prepare. You can even make it in your dorm room or work if you have time.